Why us?

At Zulayka.com we stock great electrical goods at rock bottom prices.

We want you to enjoy high-quality electrical products at very low prices, our goods do not compromise on quality.

Admittedly some of our products are not your usual high street brands, however this does not mean it will be of low quality! They are top manufacturers that use high quality materials and in most cases, will have branded and certified electrical parts inside for example, you’ll find Qualcomm certified chargers or well-known CPUs inside.

You will be surprised at the quality you get for the price, and most of the times it isn’t ‘you get what you pay for’.

We offer free delivery on all products and a 3 day return policy for your satisfaction.

Payment Protection

We strive to provide all our customers with an excellent service, so that we hope you will come back to us again and also refer us to your friends and family.

We will endeavour to make sure that your shopping with us is first class.

If however we fail at any time, then you have the following:

We hope it won’t come to that and you will get in touch with us straight away so that we can resolve it, refer to our delivery & returns policy.

And as a last resort, if we’ve still failed then:

All our transactions are through PayPal which means you are protected by their buyer protection. So you can rely on us to get you what you paid for!